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Quick Collect

Early Attorney Involvement Leads to Higher Recovery Rates

Discover Quick Collect with an impressive 72% average recovery rate. It’s the perfect storm of collection agency experience and collection attorneys. If you have aging accounts, time is costing you money. Early attorney involvement can make all the difference. But you won’t find it with a collection agency and filing suit isn’t your only option. Get the power of investigators, paralegal collectors and specialized commercial debt attorneys all working for you. Experience the option of working with collection attorneys on a contingent basis. With strategies passing your fees to the debtor, your fees could be next to zero. Rethink your commercial debt recovery. Start turning aging accounts into cash.

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Collection suit analysis

It Could Save You from Striking Out

Before filing a debt collection lawsuit, you need to determine the odds of collecting from the debtor. Don’t fall victim to “a swing and a miss” type of strategy for your aging collection accounts. It’s easy to be convinced to simply keep your eye on the ball. The truth is you have to  know when and if it makes sense to swing and file suit against a bad debtor. If you or an agency rush the process, your suit could strike out. It’s time and money you can’t afford to lose. With our collection suit analysis, you’ll know when and if it makes sense to file suit. By knowing when to let it “walk”, you’ll never throw good money after bad.

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Collection Lawsuit

What They Don’t Know Could Cost You

Talk is cheap. Anyone can file a debt collection lawsuit, promise a follow-up call and offer the hope of collecting.  But results are what separate the ordinary from the extraordinary. With Stevens & Ricci, you’ll increase your odds of collecting on commercial debts by 35% or more.  

Our ability to deliver results means you benefit from contingency rates.   Even better, you’ll say good-bye to non-contingent suit fees.  Extensive debt collection experience coupled with specialization in commercial business debt recovery makes all the difference.  Put your case in the hands of collection attorneys with the experience and specialization needed to win.  Let our team of debt collection lawyers do the work for you!

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