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Did you know the industry average for recovery is 28%?

Stevens and Ricci has over a 72% recovery rate


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We helped thousands of companies with their business debt collection and recovery efforts since we started in 1997. Our success with corporate debt recovery is based upon years of experience in working with commercial collection attorneys to create proprietary systems, such as the IRS Advantage™. Some of these proven strategies, such as Quick Collect, achieve a 72% recovery rate for commercial collections… more than double the industry average of 28% recovery rate for bad debt collection by your typical debt collection agency.  

Stevens and Ricci offers a corporate debt collection program with NO FEES until we successfully collect. Our business debt recovery lawyers work on a contingent basis, meaning your collection fees could be next to zero! If you are thinking about filing suit for debt collection, we offer a collection suit analysis to help you determine if it makes sense to spend money for a business collection attorney. This simple step will determine your odds for obtaining a judgment to collect the bad debt, and potentially save you from wasting money on a collection attorney.

Hire the best when it comes to commercial debt recovery and working with a specialized debt collection attorney in your debtor’s local area. Choose Stevens and Ricci for your commercial debt collection needs and become another success story. Contact us today for your FREE Quote or Consultation!